Incredible day at The Vevolution Festival 2019.

This was my first time at a Vevolution event and it certainly met my expectations. A day full of Vegan learnings, talks, networking and gorgeous Vegan food. This came at a perfect time for me after launching Vegan Club London earlier in the month. I have always learnt best from watching and talking to people. I am a more practical type. Reading has always been one of my shortcomings. It was also my first visit to The British Film Institute on the Southbank and it was a perfect venue for the event being both spacious and comfortable. 

Breakfast was a real treat of Vegan deliciousness. Banana bread, a cookie, a pot of Vegan yogurt and a fresh croissant. I know that was a big breakfast. I was pleased to see that there was a single use coffee cup ban and the reusable coffee cup that came in my bulging goodie bag was put to good use.

The day was going to be packed with talks and panels that I wanted to attend. I wrote a plan in advance to ensure that I didn’t miss the people that I wanted to see. There were 3 stages. The first being the main stage or Vevolution stage. This was where the event kicked off with a Hello and Welcome from the two founders Damien & Judy. A talk about Veganuary then followed and they announced their plans for the forthcoming Veganuary 2020. Crikey a new decade already. There are some majors plans for this one and there was big news regarding tv adverts that are breaking this year. Its going to be massive!!

Stage 2 was the Positive Futures Stage and Stage 3 the Eat Drink Vegan. There was another area fro Workshops although unfortunately I did not have time for any of these although a friends feedback spoke positively of some of the workshops that he attended.

M.I.C. then took the stage for a short musical interlude. A very talented Vegan rapper from North London. Powerful messages came through from his words. Amazing Performance.

Also announced was the start of the Plant Based Business Podcast and I am listening to this as I write this blog. Damien, Judy and Loui Blake interviewing Vegan entrepreneurs. This one features Natalia and Damien from Form talking about their journey so far. Go follow the podcast on iTunes or Spotify.

A real highlight of the day was seeing and listening to The Happy Pear; the funny and chirpy twins from Ireland. Dave and Steve speak with great passion and are hilarious. They run 4 cafes, a farm, a product range, a roastery. They also run online courses, which I must check out, they have 120 employees and boast a community of over 1 million people eating more veg! They have come a long way in 15 years.

There were a couple of talks dedicated to fashion and the impact it has on the planet. Something that has become part on my development with Vegan Club London. So pleased that I have gone down the organic cotton route especially after learning of the amount of herbicides and pesticides that are used on non organic cotton. I have tried to consider everything we do; we still have more to understand and apply however I think we are all learning as time goes by.

Food was served by Club Cultured. I heard them speak earlier on the Plant Based Business podcast so thought it would be rude not to their ‘Fabuously funky ferments’. Wow tempeh has never tasted so good! They were also previous winners of the Pitch & Plant competition at the Plant Based Business Bootcamp also run by Vevolution. Wow they are busy guys at Vevolution.

During lunch I met with a couple of people from Amsterdam and had a quick chat about Vegan Club London and their own activities in Holland.

I had also earlier spoken with one of the guys from Wicked Healthy and their range of growing Vegan foods in Tesco. Derek Sarno was also interviewed by Loui Blake and it was great to understand a little about the guy behind the Wicked Healthy range. Loui also made the last talk of the day about some of his challenges as a up and coming entrepreneur. His honesty was greatly appreciated by all. This guy has always been very approachable in the past and never fails to respond to any questions that I have asked of him. A truly inspirational guy and good luck with your forthcoming opening of Erpingham House in Brighton.

Another guy that I saw on one of the panels was a guy called Dominick Thompson from Chicago. This is a guy that has gone through so much change after spending 3 years in prison for drug dealing. Join his heard @eatwhatelephantseat

So all in all an incredible full day and I highly recommend attending one of Vevolution’s events in the future especially if you have or are about to launch a Vegan business in the future.

Peace, Love & Plants

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