Vegan Club London Launch November 2019

The arrival of November means it’s time for frosty weather and Vegan hot chocolates but most importantly of all, November is World Vegan Month! This year’s World Vegan Month brings the official launch of the Vegan Club apparel range in London. As the vegan capital of the world, we want to help London lead the front line for veganism, and to set the example for big and small cities around the world. The Vegan Club apparel is all about wearing the message loud and proud, and to help veganism continue its global takeover.

 In the last few years, London has seen a dramatic increase in vegan restaurants, events and pop up stalls with over 120,000 vegans proudly walking the streets of capital. Restaurants such as Farmacy, Temple of Seitan and Genesis are amongst some of the most popular restaurants in the London because of their unique take on vegan food. The newly relocated restaurant Unity Diner is also a very popular vegan spot and the biggest in the capital. Founded in September 2018, this diner aims to reshape the public perception of vegan food with some serious flare and flavours. One of the founders of this restaurant is Earthling Ed who is a popular face amongst the vegan community as an animal rights activist, lecturer and film maker. It is also a non-profit restaurant, so all of their profits go to Surge, an animal rights campaigning group and also towards a new animal sanctuary being built in London. Lewis Hamilton’s new vegan restaurants, Neat Burger is also helping the change the landscape for vegan food as they are only delicious, but ethical and sustainable. However, the vegan scene in London is not just limited to restaurants but is also home to a range of awesome events, focused on spreading the word. As I’m visiting London soon, I’m going to be taking full advantage of this by visiting the UK’s leading vegan event, Vevolution. To say I’m excited about attending Vevolution would be a huge understatement as its purpose is to inspire positive, plant-based change with a whole host of vegan entrepreneurs and animal activist talks, as well as plenty of vegan goodness to try. Events such as this often have a range of food stalls, talks, fun workshops and much more, and just as London wears the vegan badge proudly on its chest, so too does the Vegan Club and so we want to combine forces.

To be a part of Vegan Club you only have to follow two, simple rules, you ready? The first rule of Vegan Club is: Tell everyone about Vegan Club! And the second rule is… Tell them again! The Vegan Club apparel combines what we are passionate about with awesome, aesthetic designs. For example, some of the t-shirt and jackets are designed with a street graphic on them and a variety of influential individuals who’re vegan. People like Joaquin Phoenix, Billie Eilish and Moby are all among some of the designs that this range offers. The Vegan Rebel range reflects what we all are in some way; rebels with a cause. This slick and stylish collection of designs are only available in black, purposefully reflecting the rebellious edge to our cause. This range also includes faux leather jackets, however they are only available in the US WWW.VEGANCLUB.CO. Often, faux leather jackets look and feel cheap, but not at Vegan Club. We don’t skimp on quality, and the PETA-approved vegan materials are good for the environment, and easy on the eye. The Vegan Tribe range will have messages in a variety of different languages, meaning that no matter where you’re from or what language you speak; you can wear the brand and be a voice for the animals! The Vegan Club is one big family of likeminded individuals who want to instil positive change into the world through awesome, eco-friendly clothing. 

Not only do these ranges promote veganism in their design but in every aspect down to their fibres… literally. Animals and food are often the first thoughts that pop into people’s head when the topic of veganism is raised; however an aspect that is often overlooked is sustainability of clothing materials and brands. Just as the demand for food is high, so too is clothing which are exploited for on a global scale. Vegan Club is very conscious of this and we want to help change the way clothing is produced. We use 100% organic cotton that’s grown without the pesticides or any other chemical fertilizers, meaning that this material can be grown whilst having a very low impact on the environment. Our apparel also uses eco-friendly water based vegan inks so that they are not derived from animals or tested on animals.  We ensure that all packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable. By partnering up and working with multiple different ethical and eco-focused manufactures we are attempting to show that going vegan is more than just about what you eat but what we consume in all areas of our life. This all contributes to our goal to become carbon neutral by November 2020.

Producing and manufacturing clothing ranges ethically is one of our primary aims, as we want to be able to show the world that alternatives to non-ethical clothing do exist. To be vegan is more than just changing your diet, as we do not want to contribute to the harming of animals just for the sake of some stylish clothes when you can do it without the need for animals. Every week, 11 million items of clothing are thrown away and end up in landfill for no other reason than the ease of throwing something in the bin. This waste has become a real issue, as it means that animals are exploited more regularly for materials that are then likely to be thrown away. Throwaway fashion and fast fashion are two major contributors to this, as they promote the idea of moving on from one piece of clothing to the next without consideration.  So to help reduce waste, we are developing our  Up-Cycled range to counter unnecessary clothing waste. This range will be including selections of locally sourced, previously worn items of clothing from denim jackets, t-shirt to sweatshirts that are then re-styled with our vegan messages. Our wide range of apparel attempts to be inclusive of all members of the vegan Club, from the esteemed, experience members to the most welcome newcomers.

At Vegan Club we want to give back to the animals after taking from them for so long, so we have committed to donating 5% of the sale of each item to Tower Hill Stables Animals Sanctuary. This wonderful sanctuary is based just outside London in Essex and is run by animal lover and elite marathon runner, Fiona Oakes. Here, animals are given a forever home and treated with love and care. Injured animals are looked after and nursed back to full health so that they can live a happy and spritely life just as they were meant to. The sanctuary was founded in 1993 and grew and grew until Fiona and her partner, Martin decided to move into the sanctuary full-time in 1996. In 2019, Tower Hill Stables Animals Sanctuary now looks after nearly 450 animals over 5 different locations, and so Vegan Club is dedicated to helping and supporting this fantastic sanctuary fight the good fight.

At Vegan Club, we are all about spreading positive change and animal rights. You don’t have to be at the animal rights marches to be a protester and to help fight the cause; you just have to wear the message boldly. We are vegan and proud, and you should be too!


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