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Hi, my name is Wayne Smith and I am the founder of Vegan Club Ltd t/a Vegan Club. I turned fully Vegan over four years ago. I had previously spent the previous six years removing meat and dairy from my diet.

I think we all follow our own journey. I first gave up red meat. I had always considered myself an animal lover and I began to question this as to how I could continue to consume them.

I have two daughters and at the time they were keen to have some pet chickens. They eventually got on well with our two Labradors at the time; the chickens not my daughters. It was not long before I was also realising that the chickens have their own personalities and characters. I was still consuming chicken at the time however it was not long before I ceased that practise.

As time passed I found that I was beginning to question more things and change as a person. We have come a long way with Veganism over recent years however back then things were slightly different and it was certainly more difficult to find people to talk to and products to consume.

I was drawn towards Buddhism and I attended a Buddhist weekend in Cambridge and really enjoyed the day of Mediation and during day two we had the opportunity of listening too and speak with one of the monks. One of the ‘precepts’ made me consider how further I could extend my ‘causing no harm’ to others. I was still eating fish at the time. The following day I stopped for a sandwich and went for a tuna melt. At the time I recall thinking this was a healthy alternative; little did I know then. I was half way through the melt and I realised I was not enjoying consuming it and from that point I ceased consuming fish also.

Unfortunately I had a bit of a health scare in 2015 which delayed my turning full Vegan by a few months. Turning Vegan was the best thing I have ever done. We all wish we had done it sooner don’t we?

I first saw Vegan Club a few years ago and started building a relationship with the artist Constantin Le Fou. He lives out in LA and my hope was to be given the opportunity of bringing the products to the UK and Europe and here we are today.

It has been a learning curve and we continue to learn today. I hope you like the products we have created and enjoy wearing them helping change the World one t-shirt at a time.

In the words of Rich Roll; Peace, Love, Plants.

If you are visiting our site from outside of the UK and Europe please visit the Vegan Club website at www.veganclub.co

Wayne Smith

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